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    Network Guide for Key Disciplinary Areas of CALIS

Network Guide for Key Disciplinary Areas of CALIS
        Network Guide for Key Disciplinary Areas is one of the key projects of “10th Five-Year Plan” of CALIS. The objective of the project is to develop an intelligent network resources collecting and management system by adopting the Metadata of CALIS network resources, and establish a network resources discipline guide database covering more than 50 level-1 disciplines and corresponding service platform.
Main Contents of the Construction
        1. Develop an intelligent network resource guide system construction platform, the user service platform and resources collecting and integrating platform so as to realize the standardized collection, classification, organization and orderly integration of network resources and reveal the guide information through multiple channels.
        2. Form the pertinent standards and codes, including the standards for selecting the resources, describing the resources, guide resources type, software requirements report and rules for project management.
        3. Establish one systematic and complete network resources discipline guide database covering 50 level-1 disciplines at least. The contents of the guide of each discipline shall include the necessary contents and optional contents supporting the science and technology development, it shall cover the whole key level-2 disciplines under each discipline.
        4. Set up one mechanism supporting the sustainable development of the project, including the project management mode, project operation mode and system operation mode.
        5. Work out the assessment method for the project in cooperation with subproject of CALIS assessment.

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