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    Openning Hours of Songjiang Campus  
stack room Chinese stack room Mon.--Fri.8:30-21:30 ?
Foreign stack room Mon.--Fri.8:30-21:30 ?
Literature stack room Mon.--Fri.8:30-21:30 ?
New Books loan Mon.--Fri.: 8:30-21:30 ?
Sat.-Sun.: 8:30-21:30(Reading only)

Reserve stacks(3)

Reading Room periodical room Mon.-Sun. 8:30-21:30
study lounge Mon.-Sun. 8:30-21:30
reference material reading room Mon.-Sat. 8:30-21:30
(Closed at Tue. afternoon & Sun.)
electric seaching room Mon.-Fri..
8:30-11:30    13:00-16:30    
(Closed at Thu. morning , Sat.&Sun)
Digital Books Reading Room Mon.-Fri. 8:45-16:15
(Closed at Tue. afternoon & lecture time.)
journal storage  Mon.-Fri. 8:30-11:30;13:00-16:15
reference reading room  Mon.-Fri. 8:30-11:30;13:00-16:15
Party construction reading room Mon.-Fri. ???13:00-19:30
Tel:67792221 (Teacher Zhang)

    Openning Hours of Yan'an Rd campus

stack room


 Chinese stack room



 Tue. Wed. Fri.
 8:15-11:30; 13:30-16:45
 Mon. Thu.

 Literature stack room


 the same as above

 Foreign stack room

 3rd. floor

 the same as above

 periodical room

 5th. floor

8:15-11:30;? 13:30-16:45



 management reading room


 Tue. Wed. Fri.
 8:15-11:30;? 13:30-17:00
  Mon. Thu. Sun.

 foreign students' home


 Mon. Wed.8:15-22:00
 Thu. Fri. Sat.8:15-11:30; 13:30-17:00

 Artist & Clothing Reading room
(reprography service)



 Tue. Thu.
 8:15-11:30;?? 13:30-17:00
 Mon. Wed. Fri.

 general reading room



 multi-media room


 Tue. Thu.
 8:15-11:30; 13:45-16:45
Mon. Wed. Fri.
 8:15-11:30; 13:45-16:45

Special Collections Reading Room
Mon. Wed. Fri.
 8:15-11:30; 13:30-17:00

study lounge



P.S.The closing day: Tuesday afternoon and national holidays. Please check our NOTICE for the special days.

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