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Openning Hours Certificate Application Distribution of Collection Rules and Regulations
   Certificate Application   

Application for Library Card
         1. The employees on the payroll may use the IC for borrowing and returning the books.
         2. The library cards for the undergraduates are handled and re-issued by the academic administration.
         3. The library cards for the graduates, masters of engineering, MBA students , senior vocational school students and night university students are handled by the general affairs office of the library.
         4. The students of various training programs, the students attending advanced courses (the study term must exceed half a year), the students of LASALLE COLLEGE and other personnel may apply for the interim library card. The deposit and the service fee shall be paid (returned at end) and the photo pasted on the final entry form shall be submitted for the application. The application will be gathered by the pertinent colleges, and then it will be submitted to the general affairs office of the library.

Loss of Library Card
        When a reader loses his/her library card, he/she shall report the loss of the card to the Circulation desk and apply for reissuing the card so as to prevent someone else from borrowing the books under the name of card bearer and damaging the benefits of the reader. After the library card is found, the registration of the card loss shall be cancelled by showing the library card and student ID.
TEL:       Song-Jiang District Lib Office       67792221(Ms.Shen)
                  Yan-an Lu District Lib Office     62373223(Wed. 1:30-5:00pm)
                   Song-Jiang District Library Service             67792501
                   Yan-an Lu District Library Service            62373224

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