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Openning Hours Certificate Application Distribution of Collection Rules and Regulations
   Rules and Regulations   
        NOTICE:Please check  your bags first.Please don't put your stuff in the aisle.

Rules for Borrowing the Stack
        1. When the reader enters into the stack, he/she must exchange library card for book signboard.
        2. Insert the book signboard into the free position when selecting the books on the shelf. After the reading, the book shall be inserted into the original place.
        3.      Take the intended book and the library card for handling the procedures for the borrowing at the circulation desk.      rules for borrowing the periodicals.
        1. The employees, doctorates and masters of the University may enter stack room by presenting the library card;
        2. The personal bags, books and other possessions are not allowed to be taken into the stack;
        3. All the Periodical Collections and the newspapers of bound edition are only available for reading within the stack and printing within the library, and are prohibited being borrowed.

The regulations of the penalty for overdue return and blemishes on the books, and compensation to torn books
        1. The books shall be returned on schedule in accordance with the existing provisions. In the case of an overdue return, the late fee will be charged at the rate of RMB0.10 yuan a day, the late fee will be calculated and accumulated by the computer program and will be directly settled at the calculation desk.
        2. Once the borrower is found to have the acts of blemishing, tearing and stealing the books, the borrower shall be punished in accordance with the (91) No.34 Document of the rules of the university. If the books are blemished and the consequence is slight, the borrower shall make compensation at the rate of 20%~30% of original price of the books; if the borrower tears or steals the books deliberately, the penalty of RMB50.00 will be imposed on each book. In the case of severe consequence, the case will be reported to the pertinent department or college for punishment.

Regulations of Compensating the Loss of the Books
         1.        In the case of Chinese books, the compensation shall be three times the original price of the lost books;
         2.        In the case of unique copy, the compensation shall be five or more times of original price;
         3.        In the case of foreign books of original edition, the compensation shall be 5 to 10 times of original price;
         4.      In the case of foreign books of process block, the compensation shall be three times of the original price;
         5.      In the case of Chinese and foreign multivolume monograph (one volume is lost), the compensation shall be the price of the whole volume.
         6.       In the case of periodicals, the minimum compensation shall be the two times the market price;

Regulations for Reading the Books and Magazines
1.        The teachers and students of the university may enter into the reading room by presenting the library card;
2.        The books and periodicals displayed in the reading room are available for reading rather than for borrowing. If the photocopy of them is needed, the application shall be submitted, and the photocopying must take place in the library.
3.        Read the books and periodicals gracefully and take care of them. In the cases of any besmearing, cutting, writing and excavation on the books, the compensation shall be made in accordance with the pertinent provisions.
4.        Keep quiet and clean in the reading room and develop good habit of reading.

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