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   History of the Library  

Dong Hua University Library is the successor of the bookroom of East China College of Textile Technology established in 1951. In 1953, the bookroom was renamed a library and was directly affiliated to the academic administration. Pursuant to the relevant provisions of the Ministry of Education, the library was placed under direct leadership of the college in 1979. As the library was not able to meet the needs of the development of the majors of the college, the new library was constructed in 1982 under the big auspices of the late Ministry of Textile Industry. In 1983, the new library was put into use. Chen Weiji, vice minister of the former Ministry of Textile Industry inscribed the name of the library. In 1995, the college was renamed Donghua University, and the library was renamed “Donghua University Library” accordingly.  

        The today’s Donghua University library is composed of Songjiang Campus library and Yan’an Xi :Lu Campus library, and is equipped with rich digitalized resources and virtual resource, and has initially established all-round, multi-level, open and highly-efficient document information service system with an emphasis on the information service and serves as important pillar for constructing world-class university.
    Conditions of Premises  
In November, 2004, a modern graphics and text information center was established on Songjiang Campus with an area of 44000 square meters. Today’s Donghua University Library is composed of Songjiang Campus Graphics and Text Center, Yan’an Xi Lu Campus Library and data offices of the departments and colleges, totaling an area of 54840 square meters. Now the library has 6 open shelves and 17 reading rooms with different functions with a capacity of 3345 seats.
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