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 Characteristic Collections      

Shanghai Branch of the Library Center
        We have established our Shanghai Branch of the Library Center, through which we will have 63 thousand Chinese books that will be displayed in the branch library reading-room and foreign books that will be displayed in the Shanghai Library, to complement collection deficiencies.

Clothing Art Reading Room
        clothing art reading room  is especially designed for the key disciplines, “Fashion Design and Engineering”. It possesses 50 thousand books including various Chinese and foreign books on Fashion, Art and other related disciplines. It is equipped with digital copying, image scanning, photographing and other modern photo-processing functions, and provides art and design computer exercises that are welcomed by readers.

Reading Room for Reference and Consulting
        In 2005, the library built a teaching reference reading room integrating the Chinese and foreign paper-medium documents, electronic documents and multi-media resources as a whole. The reading room is equipped with 100 networked computers and more than ten thousand of Chinese and foreign teaching reference books, over one thousand CDs, much network literature resources and multi-media resources for providing teaching reference document services to the students. The students may search the data in the reading room, complete their tasks, study the use of software and learn the knowledge with reference to the books under the aid of CD, and they can also watch foreign language multi-media teaching movie.

Reading Room for the Party Construction
        The library builds a reading for the Party construction in Song Jiang Campus Library in collaboration with the Party Committee for supporting the construction of the Party organization. The Reading room gathers more than 3000 books and 20 newspapers and magazines on the political situation education, Philosophy of Marxism-Leninism and revolution history, etc. The students may hold a variety of the Party construction activities and small exchange and symposiums, or read the books on political theory and search the data on the Internet, the reading room is very popular to the students.

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