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    Remote Access    

1. Introduction of Remote Access System of Digital Library
        Remote Access Service System of Digital Library is aimed at further expanding the library service space of the library and extending the functions of the Web-based digital library on the existing campus network to the study room of the experts, research fellows, students and family through Internet. To enable the whole faculties and students of the University to access to digital resources of the Library in a convenient and fast way, the information office opens the Donghua University Digital Resources Remote Access System. Now the whole faculty and students of the University can access the resources of the digital library of the University through the system. The information regarding the installation, startup/closing, uninstall and the directions for the users can be referred to the digital resources remote access system.

2. The warnings for Reinstalling the System
        The remote access system can be installed and used by the each user on only one computer. Before the system is installed on another computer, system must be uninstalled on the original computer.If the computer is attached by the virus, or the computer’s operating system collapse, the user shall contact the working personnel promptly.
3. Service Contact Phone
        The commissioning period of remote access system is open only for the whole faculty and graduates of the University. For any question, please contact the informatization office without any delay.
        CONTACT:Mr.Jiang    TEL:67792013

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