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     Inter-Library Express Delivery and Borrowing Services of Original Edition Textbooks

        Shanghai Center of International University Textbook is established by Shanghai Municipal Education Commission for providing foreign original edition textbooks to the teachers of the universities in Shanghai. The center is located at the Library of East China University of Science and Technology and it collects the latest foreign original edition textbooks of basic science and science and technology used for Bilingual Teaching. The express delivery and borrowing services of original edition textbook is the convenient and efficient services provided by the Center to the whole teachers of the universities in Shanghai.
        In order to advance the bilingual teaching of Donghua University, the Library and the foreign textbook center of the library of East China University of Science and Technology have entered into the cooperation for original edition textbook borrowing services for providing the inter-library express delivery and borrowing services. The specific method is set out as follows:
         1. The teachers of Donghua University may inquire the information of the needed original edition textbook on the website of the center, and can download the “Application of Shanghai Center of International University Textbook for Borrowing Original Edition Textbooks” and fill in the pertinent information.
         2. The borrower submitted the application to the library of Donghua University.
         3. After receiving the application, the library notify the information of needed textbooks to the Center by email or fax;
         4. After receiving the application, the Center will deliver the textbooks to the Library by express mail, then the Library will handover the textbook to the teacher. The charges for the express delivery will be assumed by the Center.
         5. When the teacher returns the textbook, the textbook can be handed over to the Library, then the Library will assign the person for transferring the textbook to the Center.

        NOTICE:Please show your library card when filling the table and taking the books。
        CONTACT:Ms. Zhu
        LOCATIION:Room 416 of Song-Jiang Library
        TEL:67792767        Email:liblt@dhu.edu.cn

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