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   Express Delivery of Documents  

        In order to enrich the collections of the library and make full use of the network resources, the Library keeps on strengthening the coordination with the domestic and overseas libraries and documents providers. Now the Library has established the documents delivery coordination network with Qinghua University Library, CALIS East China Center, China Academic Humanities and Social Sciences Library (CASHL) and National Science and Technology Library, etc for providing the documents delivery services.

Contents of Services
       To provide the services of copying original Chinese and foreign documents and original delivery services to the readers. The documents available for copying and delivery include the periodicals and essays, dissertation, minutes of meeting and standards, etc, the means of delivery include the fax, scanning, email, Ariel and mailing, etc.

Service Mode
        1. Online Application for inter-library loan
        The readers may, through the online application system of the library, submit the application for inter-library loan. The full-time personnel assigned by the library for delivering the documents will process the application and send the request for document delivery.
        CLICK HERE to submit the table

        2. Email or Fax
        The readers may submit the application for inter-library loan by email or fax: 021-67792221

Charge Standard
        Resources of the Library
        1. Materials Costs
        For printing: the photocopying fee is ¥0.50/Page   Scanning Fee: ¥1.00/Page
       For non-printing the copying fee:  ¥1.00/Page Printing Fee: ¥1.00/Page
        2. Service Fee: For the students of the University, the service fee is RMB2.00/One Article, the readers outside the University is ¥5.00/One Article.
        Postal Service Fee: charged in accordance with the pertinent standard
        Urgent processing fee: RMB10.00 per article
        Resources outside the library:
        For the students of the University, the service fee will be charged in accordance with the standard of the library, the free documents delivery service will be provided.
        For the readers outside the university, the service fee will be charged in accordance with the standard of the library, plus the service fee of ¥5.00 per article.

Settlement Mode
        The students of the University pay the service fee directly to the library after receiving the notice of documents;
        The readers outside the University may remit the service fee through postal service after receiving the documents.

        NOTICE:Please keep an eye on some promotions that we often supply.

        1. When the reader applies for copying the documents and delivering the original documents, the possible detailed information regarding the names of the book and periodicals, title, author, volume number, number of pages and booklet, etc.
        2. The readers must provide the names, reader card number, contact means and other detailed personal data so that the staff can contact the reader promptly.

LOCATION:Room 417 of Song-Jiang Library
TEL: 021-67792767  
EMAIL :liblt@dhu.edu.cn

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